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What is augmented reality on promotional products?


BV : first agency to introduce augmented reality on promotional products.

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Augmented reality on promotional products





Augmented reality 1 Take an actual product, for example, a custom mug!


Augmented reality 2 Scan the printed code with a smartphone


Augmented reality 3 and listen, watch or read on various types of media (videos, sounds, images, etc.)


Augmented reality 4 Interactive

Interactivity: more than just a logo or an advertiser’s image, augmented reality on promotional products provides access to enriched information.



Augmented reality 5 Measurable

The popularity of traditional promotional products is proven, but is difficult to quantify. When an “AR” tracker is scanned, it generates statistics and measures the actual ROI.

Augmented reality 6 Competitive

Marketing products that use augmented reality are support media with an excellent return on investment.

Augmented reality adds extra value and significantly amplifies these positive results.

Augmented reality 7 Durable

Seventy-five percent of people in France* remember the brands they see on promotional products.

With augmented reality, the information can also be updated and adapted at any time.

*Source 2FPCO

Augmented reality 8 Innovative

Augmented reality makes even the most traditional personalized notebooks high-tech.

AR offers a high level of interaction and communication.

Augmented reality 9 Strategic marketing

Integrating augmented reality into your company’s marketing strategy is profitable. Imagine having all your products interact with augmented reality, with a dedicated app and codes, creating gateways to social networks and extending augmented reality to all or almost all of your marketing products.

Augmented reality on promotional products

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These industries are now using augmented reality on their products!

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Examples of applications



Luxe hôtel


Industries that are using augmented reality on personalized products

Augmented reality 10 Industry

Animations of machine tools, factory visits, modeling manufacturing processes…

Augmented reality 11 Construction

Visualizations of finished projects, interactive visits, construction stages, viewing plans.

Augmented reality 12 Tourism

Interactive monuments
Remote guided tours of tourist sites

Augmented reality 13 Health

Diagnostic tools, product training, education

Augmented reality 14 Trade

Assisted merchandising, promotions,
virtual showrooms, virtual fitting rooms

Augmented reality 15 Sport and entertainment

Videos of events, strengthen the supporter/fan effect, sound bytes, competition tables

Augmented reality 16 Agri-food

Production site visits, producer presentations, original recipes

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