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Promotional branding techniques


Enhance your marketing by branding all of your business products and gifts. Depending on the focus on your marketing campaign, we will recommend the type of branding to use with your chosen medium. We are experts in all types of branding techniques.

Screen printing

Screen printing is a recommended technique for luggage, textiles and certain promotional products made of wood, leather, aluminium and plastic.

Screen printing is based on the stencil principle: a scraper is used to squeeze ink through a porous screen, which causes the ink to be applied to the surface of the fabric or product according to the pattern on the screen. Screen printing deposits a thick layer of opaque ink, creating intense colors that last over time.

Pad printing

Laser engraving is recommended for all irregular surfaces such as pens, calculators, USB sticks, key rings, as well as for textiles and luggage.

Pad printing is an indirect printing technique that uses an etched printing plate to reproduce a logo or a drawing. Pad printing uses a flexible silicone rubber pad that adjusts to all types of surfaces. This process guarantees precise and fast branding, regardless of the quantities to be produced.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is recommended for all irregular surfaces such as pens, calculators, USB sticks, key rings, as well as for textiles and luggage.

A computer-directed laser beam faithfully reproduces your logo by deeply burning it into the surface of your product to ensure permanent branding. The color of the engraving is determined by the reaction of the material to the laser. However, color etching is made possible by applying a colored substrate before laser processing. This technique allows a very precise and durable result over time.


Doming is recommended technique for products made of metal, wood, plastic, glass and plexiglass.


Among the various techniques, this branding method is suitable for small promotional products which are rigid or semi-rigid (such as USB sticks, pens, key chains, etc.). This technique simply applies a transparent resin onto a pre-printed adhesive backing. This resin is then heat treated to produce a magnifying glass effect on the branding.


Embroidery is a recommended technique for all textile products.


Your logo is scanned and a program is written to control a computerized stitching machine that is then used to faithfully reproduce your logo. This technique produces the most beautiful and permanent results.

Hot stamping

Hot stamping is recommended technique for flat, oval and cylindrical parts on plastic, leather and faux leather. Hot stamping is widely used for leather goods.

Hot stamping engraves a product in relief by transferring a film using a high-temperature punch.


Transfer is a recommended technique for textiles, caps and umbrellas.

This technique uses a press for hot stamping. It can reproduce images and photographs in very high definition. The result is very realistic and is resistant to washing.

Digital printing

Digital printing is recommended for stationery, calculators and other rigid products with flat surfaces.

Digital printing is direct printing from HD computer vector files. Digital printing is a printing process based on inkjet printing. This technique uses four-color processing to personalize rigid products with flat surfaces.

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